DOC Friuli Venezia Giulia Protection Consortium

The establishment of the Denomination in 2016 was followed, on 17 December 2019, by the establishment of the DOC Friuli Consortium at Palazzo Altan in San Vito al Tagliamento. The twenty-two founding partners are joined by many other companies from all over the region. The whole group are motivated, eager, and ready to work hard to stand out as an attractive brand in alignment with the standards of the consortium.

Their first year had seen 103,000 quintals of grapes within 1,500 hectares of the Friuli DOC vineyards. In 2018 they expanded to 2,500 hectares with almost 300,000 quintals of grapes, leading to the most recent harvests accruing over 3,000 hectares and about 320,000 quintals of demonstration product, which the new regional DOC wants to turn into a strong and recognizable brand. The hope is for a globally recognized brand capable of combining quantity and quality, characteristics that will allow it to compete on an international stage.

Currently, the Board of Directors is led by the Chairman Stefano Trinco, by the two vice-chairmen Flavio Bellomo and Michelangelo Tombacco in collaboration with the Directors Alessandro Baccichetto, Gianfranco Bianchini, Filippo Bregant, Giuseppe Crovato (past President), Vittorio DI Lenardo, Luigino Fogal, Roberto Marcolini, Bruno Pittaro, Rodolfo Rizzi, Ivan Volpatti, Annalisa Zorzettig.